All Warranties Are Not Created Equal

Each new HYDRO~SAN Plus Instrument includes an All Inclusive One Year manufactures warranty against parts defects, malfunction, or workmanship and labor.

Here's where our warranty leaves the others in the dust.

First, our trained service technicians bring decades of experience and communication skills where many repairs can be instructed over the phone. Even through translators and building variances around the world, there is a good chance we can simply make a part replacement and ...

Secondly, the unique patent pending design of the HYDRO~SAN Plus component design, makes warranty/service available ONLY on the component where the issue is. You don’t have to send in the entire system, just the component that requires the attention.

Third and finally, WE PAY THE SHIPPING. (That might not sound like a big deal, but shipping is expensive and could cost as much as $800.00) Plus, it’s easy, because the HYDRO~SAN Plus instruments are installed with "Quick Disconnect Plumbing." Simply snap off the water lines, put your unit in a box. We pick it up at your door, deliver to our Service Department, make the necessary repairs, along with our 100 Plus Point Inspection, and within 72 hours it will be back on its way to you. (Excluding shipping/transit time)

To keep you up and running, SHP invented the Loaner Program see our Services for more details.