Everyone feels alone sometime … nobody understands how hard it is to be a Professional Colon Therapist.

It’s a Gift - It’s a Calling - and it's a Business.

One of the benefits of being the industry's leading manufacturer for over three decades … is the sheer number of amazing people we have met and befriended over the years. Thousands of professional colon hydro therapists facing the same questions, concerns and daily challenges …just like you.

SHP's goal is to facilitate a connection, a "Global Networking Forum" of professional colon therapists from around the world, to share, learn, encourage and become part of a community, working together to build awareness of the benefits of professional colon hydro therapy.

Our Global Networking Forum will continually evolve to serve the professional colon hydro therapy industry. We may meet at the corner coffee shop, or share a world wide online chat. Perhaps an online guest presenter may share the latest health topics or social media experts impart new sales and marketing ideas for growing your business. Our Global Networking Forum can become a significant source for online education. Because we are NOT A Membership Association or Organization, we have the freedom to explore opportunities and address topics that affect the profession of Colon Hydro therapy and our daily lives.

This is NOT a membership association, organization, club or Institute, and is not connected, associated, related or linked in any manner, real or implied to any such existing group. NO Membership Dues or Annual Fees.

We welcome members from all groups to share in the Networking Forum.

"Global Networking Forum" is owned by Specialty Health Products, Inc. Family of Companies and all related SHP websites. Postings will be monitored in accordance to and at the sole discretion of Specialty Health Products.