Are you ready to upgrade to a new Hydro~San Plus or
looking for a quality reconditioned unit? Either way, the
SHP Consignment Program is the answer.

We are the connection between Buyers and Sellers with a very generous Consignment Program.

Here's how it works – Our Service Department thoroughly inspects the "Sellers" unit and provides an itemized list of necessary repairs and an estimated Selling Range in writing. The Hydro~San Plus Unit is completely re-conditioned from top to bottom, cleaned, tested and returned to optimum working order, ready for a new owner. When the connection is made, the Seller receives an unheard of 70% of the selling price (less the cost of repairs).
The Consignment Program is a WINNER
The Winner – A new Buyer is thrilled to have a completely reconditioned Hydro~San Plus Unit, with a warranty, at a discounted price.

The Winner – A Seller is happy to see their Hydro~San Plus go to a good home, no liability, no worries and cash in the bank.

The Winner – Another community will have the opportunity to improve their health with Professional Colon Hydro-therapy...

The Winner – Specialty Health Products adds a new member to the family.

WARNING: There is a strong market for used Hydro~San Plus Units, but it's imperative to know exactly what you are getting into. Buying from unknown sources (i.e. e-bay, Craigslist) is a disaster waiting to happen. Purchasing from someone you know may be just as costly unless you have a complete up-to-date service record. It may look perfect on the outside, but a costly repair nightmare on the inside. "Let the Buyer Beware."