From time to time everything needs a tune up! Whether it's your car or your dishwasher, normal wear and tear takes its
toll and a repair is necessary.

Our experienced service technicians are a phone call away to diagnosis the problem. Often, it's just a simple repair we can resolve easily. But sometimes a trip to the service department is necessary.

The Hydro~San Plus is designed in components for safety and easy installation.
The good news, it's just as easy to send it in for service. Simply remove the
component needing attention, package it well and send it to us.

It's as easy as that.

Upon inspection, you will be contacted with necessary repairs and estimates. Upon your approval, the repair will be made, thoroughly tested and on its way back to you within 72 hours of entering our door. (Does Not Include Shipping Time)


      100 Plus Point Inspection
      (Perfect for the recommended annual Tune-Up)

      Loaner Program
      (Keeps you up and running, no down time)

      Extended Service Plan
      (Coming soon on New Hydro~San Plus Units)

Be sure your Hydro~San Plus is drained, securely packaged and insured. Units
not in warranty, shipping charges are the responsibility of the owner. SHP is not responsible for damage caused during shipping.